Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A small human is visiting!

Well! That was what all the cleaning was about! My mummies young cousin has come to stay for a few days. I like having other poeple here, there are lots of new things to sniff and another person to bother for food!

Like so!

Me and Ambam were so excited by the prospect of food that we had to hold paws.

This morning we had extra special cuddles with the visiting small human as well! Ambam especially liked her cuddles, because she was allowed on the bed! AND she got kisses AND cuddles AND strokes. She is a hound who likes her attention!

I was feeling a bit left out-

But then the small human remembered yours truly, and came over to give me cuddles as well! Wheeee! She is very good at the ear tickles and neck-scritches, I approve!

But Ambam got jealous and used her ultimate weapon to lure back the small human- her pointy ear of controlling-ness...ness...ness. Luckily Mummie decided it was time to get up and dressed so Ambams cunning plan didn't have time to work and I got the last cuddle!

Nice try!

Ohhh, AND when we got downstairs the post came! I got a new collar from Indi-dog- http://www.indi-dog.co.uk/ AND my real-life cousin and brother from the Grey Table, Knight in shining amour Jack the greyhound managed to snaffle me some new teeth! They're from a retirement care home though... so the spare set is a little...used! Thank you Jack!