Friday, 30 March 2012

Trip to the vets!

We ALL went to the vets today! Me and Ambam and the stinkykitties! I was a big, brave boy, because I LOVE the vets, I did wag my tail, and wuffled at the vetty mans face, and he did say I was stunning, and I agree! AROOOOOOO!

The vetty man did listen to my heart going guh-thunka-guh-thunka-guh-thunka, and did look at my eyes, and my (lack of) teeth and said I was a star for giving blood :)

Then it was Ambams turn, but she was very nervous, and did express her bottom-glands all over the floor. The vetty man was very nice and understanding, and Ambam really was very brave for her booster shot, and stood still when the vetty man listened to her heart, which was going 'thunkety-thunkety-thunkety-thunkety at one million miles an hour!

Then Daddie did take us out of the room for a run and to help Ambam feel happy again and forget about the vetty man.

Mummie says the Stinkykitties, Dallie and Tig, were very well behaved, and that the vetty man said she should be proud because we are all in excellent condition! Well mummie did blush and did feel very, very happy, and she does feel very proud of us, because she says we are all wonderful companions and she loves us dearly.

I hope that we will soon meet up with Clay, who I did give blood to, he is doing well with the Chemo, and I hope he will have a lot longer with his mummie because he is doing so well. Mummie has started painting him, he is a poodle cross, and very handsome! Mummie had better do a good job or I'll dribble all over the canvas and make her start again!

Tomorrow I have my PAT dog assessment, I'm very excited, I hope I do well! Please keep your paws and fingers crossed for me!

Lastly, a friend showed me this blog, and me and mummie thought it was beautiful! It's about living with, and loving, two older whippets (aged 15!) (There is a mild swear, just to let you know)
Definitely worth a read!

Ok, over and out for now!

xxx eggs eggs eggs,

Monday, 26 March 2012

Very muddy walk and Ambam won a competition!

Hello all, we've been very lazy about keeping up appearances- we really need a good afternoon to catch up on everyones posts and tales! We will catch up soon, I promise!

We went on a little fundraiser/ get together walk yesterday, for We Help Any Dog ( along the base of some cliffs, with some lovely, slimy, stinky MUD! I stayed on lead most of the time, but Ambam got COVERED! her bandana was pristine white in the morning, but not for long! I, on the other paw, kept my blue bandana very clean! After Ambam had used up some of her energy we were clicked together with one lead, Mummie says we keep each other out of trouble! Me and Ambam have learnt to synchronise our steps so we can really move!
(photo's taken by Jessica White)

Also- Ambam won a competition! She did win with this photo that Aunty J took-
She did win a toy called a 'Fluggie' a nice, soft, strong tug-toy, Mummie did choose the colours and it only took two days to get here!

Om-nom-nom-nom says Ambam!

Give it to meeeee, Mummie!!!

Rrrrr-rrr-rrrrrrrr *shakeyshakeshake* OM-NOM-NOM-NOM!

It even has her name embroidered on it! Luckily she says she will share it with me!

Thank you very much Tilly Mint!

I hope everyone else has had just as nice a start to the week!

Over and out,

from Nibs! xx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

PAT dog assessment!

Today I met the man and lady who will be assessing me for my suitability as a Pets as Therapy dog! I also met their beautiful, wonderful Leonberger- named Elsa, and her pup Eva, they were very well behaved!

The humans did like me lots and lots! I was a good boy and they said I had already passed 3/4 of the assessment just while we were chatting in the street! My Mummie knows I am a good boy, but hearing that they think so too did make her feel happy about the full assessment I have due.

I will be properly assessed later in the month, I'm so excited, I do love people so much, I do love being stroked and getting treats and making people happy! AND I get a snazzy jacket! Like this one here-

PAT dogs go into lots of different places and help people feel good! It is a very good charity!

Wish me luck! And big round off aplause (ap-paws!) for Ambam, because she was a vry, very good girl while she waited at home- on her own for the first time without me! What a very brave and good girl!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A thank you, and the GGG.

Firstly, thank you for all your messages about my friend Sam, I have passed them on to his Mummie andit made her do sadhappy smilings, I think Sam is ok, because my other friend saw a rainbow, and surely that's Sam saying 'Mum, I'm ok'.


So the Great Greyhound Gathering is in Spetember this year, we didn't go last year and Mummie was miffed! Are any of our dear blogger friends going? I'm looking at you, Deccy and Song!

Apparently there are many, many greys (someone told me there were 800 greys attending last year!) and lots of things to sniff, taste, and buy, and showrings! As a seriously handsome lad (not forgetting my beautiful sister, Ambam, of course) I know we could really strut our stuff and maybe even win! Especially if I wear my bow tie!

To leave off, I shall share some photo's from our visit to Aunty J's house. We went on a brilliant walk in the sun, but Aunty J hasn't put the photo's up yet and Mummie forgot her camera, silly woman! So we only have a few of me and Ambam back at the house, not all of us on the walk (yet!).
Out in the town waiting for a lift.

Amber on the right, with her friend Amy on the left.

My nose! Close up!

Zzzzzzzzzz, phew, we're tired!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Run Free, Sam.

Sam- a dear friend and a brave, honourable hound, has gone to the bridge today.

He suffered cruelly at the hands of his first owners. He was beaten so badly that he had permanent brain damage, he was starved and terribly sad when his Mummie found him in the kennels, pining slowly away for over a year, looked over again and again for younger, fitter, healthier dogs.

But my Aunty D, who became his Mummie knew he needed love, and she was bursting with love and patience and kindness and acceptance, and so she took him home and never had a cross word for him when he howled in the night or had an accident in the house, because she loved him for all he was, and was determined to give him othing but comfort and kindness for the rest of his life.

Sam put on some weight, learned to LOVE sausages and a scratch behind the ears. He learned to wag his tail and to relax and accept all the love he was given, and he gave love back as well, he had SUCH a big heart.

He was a very well liked hound, there are a lot of very sad people here today, we all knew how special he was, he was a truly excellent hound.

Run free, Sam, with your nose to the wind and a wag in your tail, and your little friend Rosie looking for you over the bridge.