Monday, 30 January 2012

Chilham! And Pawsome Blogger award!

Hullo internet friends! I've been kicked off of the laptop for ages, but...maybe...that's because I did break the old one! Shhhh! Don't tell Daddie!

I managed to persuade Mummie to let me on today though, because I wanted to share a few photo's from our walk yesterday- because we went to visit a really, really old village, and there were lots of new smells and things to see!

Here is Chilham Castle, it was built in 1616 I think... but I'm a hound, so my grasp of building eras is not always spot-on!

This is the Village hall, it is a tudor barn which has been renovated.

Here we are with Daddie outside the church, Ambam was allowed off the lead but I wasn't! Not fair! We did go round the back, where the cemetary stretches out and down a hill. I did lots of sniffings and I didn't quite know what to make of the big flat stones poking out of the ground. I do know that you are NOT allowed to do wee's on the stones. I was eyeing up a really big stone, it looked perfect for wee's, but Mummie is a mind-reader and said 'Oh no you don't, boyo!' and so I did my wee's on a bush instead. Ambam did ZOOMIES on der path, she was a good girl and didn't go anywhere near the stones.

The church.

In other news, I gave blood again last week for a spaniel, she was very anaemic and has had three other tranfusions in the past! Luckily this one worked as well and she made a brilliant recovery- so remeber! A dog can give blood if they are healthy vaccinated, and over 25kg! Giving blood saves lives!

And finally- THANK YOU to Hiking hounds! They have very kindly given me a Pawsome Blogger award! Big waggy tails to you, thank you!

Now to receive this award, and continue spreading the love I am passing this on to eight other brilliant blogs! Here we go- are you ready for a list? Because here we go!
Ok, enjoy! Have a good week, everyone! xxx Nibs

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Walking photo's and faux deer heads!

Well I really have been lazy with my posting, I've been recovering from 'Christmas Belly'. I had to get even more sleep than usual to help digest all of the yummy treats I had!

We have had a few new things arrive in the house, including tiny little doppelgangers!
Ambam??? Oh no, you're a crotcheted creature!

OK, as long as we're together in this new soft medium, I suppose it's ok!

My Mummie's friend made them, aren't they cute? But not as cute as me, of course!
Here is Clever lady Lisa's email address if you want your own houndy doppelganger!

 The other new thing we've had in the house is this mysterious fellow!
He looks good on the brick wall. Ambam decided he looked like a 'Rory'. So now he is Rory the deer! This was made by my Aunties D &K. They are both very clever! Rory arrived all flat, we did sniff and sniff at him, but he didn't wake up until Mummie put him together!
Here is Aunty D & K's shop, where they keep the rest of their clever things!

They are lovely Aunties, because we did get special presents over Christmas! We got lovely new collar danglies, and very well suited to us, I think!
Mummie got a special greyhound necklace as well!

Lastly, we have Badger back, the little terrordog terrier! His Mummie is in hospital at the moment, but she is ok, she will be out soon! Badger is enjoying his time here, he loves me and Ambam, he keeps snuggling up to me at night! He is on a diet, but for a dog with a grade three heart murmer, epilepsy and 12 years under his tubby belt, he's not doing badly at all! He always speeds on ahead on our walks!

Zooooooom! Off goes Badger!

That's all for now! Take care everyone!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!

We've been SO busy!

Thank you from my Mummie and Daddie for all of the lovely comments about their engagement! During the week I'll be catching up on all of the blogs I follow, I think I've missed out on quite a lot, and I can't wait to get back on track with all of my houndly friends.

Part of the reason I've been unable to post is because Mummie has been hogging the computer while she was finishing off the German Shepherd portrait. She uses the laptop to look at the photo reference of the subjects she paints. I don't know, I still think she's a computer hog. Mean Mummie.

Completed portrait of Honey.

Work in progress of Honey's portrait.

(Mummie is on facebook as 'Pet Portraits'!/pages/Pet-Portraits/147241998719010)

Next week I'll have a scan of the interview to post up! Here is a small snippet of the whole article. The snippet is online, the longer article is in the actual paper. I'm very glad Clay got through the operation, though it's very sad that he has been diagnosed with cancer. I really, really hope that the cancer leaves him alone for long enough to really enjoy being with his Mummie for as long as possible.