Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lost greyhound, Maine, US.

LOST GREYHOUND!! Last seen on the Williams Street, Lincoln, Maine, 04457. She is a 4 year old brindle spayed female greyhound who answers to the name "Love". She slipped out of her collar and took off last night (Monday, 11-28-11) around 9:00 Pm. She has not been seen since. She did still have a plain blue collar on her but no tags. She is microchipped. This dog... was JUST adopted from MGPS on Saturday. HELP, PLEASE!!!!! We have to find this dog. No other answer is acceptable. Spread the word far and wide, tell everyone you know, share, network, etc, etc.!!! For more information, updates, or sightings, please call Louise Sawyer at 207-215-6801. Please keep this dog in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!!
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Monday, 28 November 2011



Run your hands through my fur,
and wonder at the softness there;
That is how the air parts for me
and caresses my sleek flank.

Touch these franked ears,
feel the raised ellipses of ink;
I hear only the fast tattoo
of my accelerating paws.

The taste of the air intoxicates,
I fill my lungs and am spurred on.
Look to find my quarry
with your weak eyes;

You cannot see as far as me
and I am chasing freedom.

My mummie wrote this for me.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Nicknames and Emergency care tips.

We have quite a few nicknames, we seem to collect them like wrinkles as we get older! 'Nibs' and 'Ambam' are the usual two- and our chosen pseudonyms, or noms de plume, but we have quite a menagerie of names aside from those. I think all of us end up with a lot of nicknames! My canine friends that I know in the tangible world have many names, I think it's just another way our humans show their love for us!

Some of our nicknames include-
Big Boy
Dodo Chez


And we have a collective noun, too!

For we are!
The Dingbats (insert evil laugh here.)

Emergency care-
We have seen two very helpful videos, here is the first, concerning bloat. It is not pleasant to watch because the poor dog is in discomfort, but he survived, and it is really good to know what bloat looks like, as it can be so difficult but so important to spot. The quicker you spot bloat, the better chance a dog has of surviving!

The second is about CPR for dogs. This is the kind of information that everyone should know!

In other news, Ambam is being a fairy this week;

And Bella is recovering well from her operation! Thank you for all of the get well soon messages!

Ok, that's all for this post, have a safe and happy weekend, everyone! And belated Happy Thanksgiving day to everyone over the pond! xxxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Newsflash! This book is amazing!

My book came through the post! Aunty K and Aunty D who are lucky enough to live with Sir Jack of the Grey Table sent it to me! AND it is signed!
Sorry for the blurriness, I was so excited I jogged Mummie when she took the photo!

Isn't that a lovely dedication?

It's David's new book! www.davidsbestmate.blogspot.com

Mummie had to read me some of the more difficult words, but the pictures are lovely to look at!
Mummie can't you see I am reading? Goodness me, can't a hound get some peace?

Monday, 21 November 2011

Places we go!

Hello! Nibs here! I thought it would be nice to show you what we see on our walks! If anyone else wants to join in that would be lovely, and I'll link you here so we can go on a virtual tour of each others stomping grounds!
Ok, guys? Ready? Let's go! (The little guy is our short term lodger, Badger! His Mummie is on holiday so we get to have a sleepover!)

We live in Canterbury, which is a very pretty- and very small- city.

This well-known trendsetter from the middle ages wrote the ever-popular and really quite naughty 'Canterbury Tales'
'The names Chaucer. No you may not touch my pointy beard.'

We often walk past the 'Canterbury Tales' visitor place (http://www.canterburytales.org.uk/). My Mummie says that the models would be too scary for me, so I've never been in! It has a really pretty outside though!
It's in an old church! It used to be St. Margarets church.

Me and Ambam like walking past here because right next door is a scrummy yummy fish and chip shop! We love the smell, and sometimes, only sometimes, if Daddie is with us he buys us a sausage to share!


We like it when Daddie comes on walks with us!

There's also the Cathedral itself. Because we live here we get a special card which means that we can walk through the Cathedral grounds. It is very pretty!

Here is the gate into the Cathedral, at the end of the side road-
(Thanks Google!)

We also walk past this place, not as pretty though!
It's the law courts, but there's lots of running space behind it by the barracks! Wheeee! Running is fun!
SO much running space! No roads! Wheeeee! (Thanks google)

We also walk through Westage Park, which is very pretty when the flowers are out.

And through Dane John Gardens, at the other end of the City, which is usually very busy. Mummie says we aren't allowed to drink from the fountain, Mummie is mean!

And one more pretty one! We look from the bridge over the river, rather than from this viewpoint- because hounds aren't allowed on the boats! It's not fair!

We live in such a nice place I wanted to share it with you!
(None of the photos, apart from the first one, are mine, thank you google images!)

Before I end this post, I want to give my dear friend Bella a shout out, Bella had a big operation today, she had a mass on her spleen, but thank goodness, it was just a haemotoma! Now she needs plenty of rest, relaxation and love! Bella's brother Sir Bruce of the Grey Table and myself were on standby for blood donating, if you are a hound who is eligible to give blood- do! It can save lives just like human blood donation does!

Get better soon, Princess Bella!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

My favourite things! (by Ambam)

Hello! I've taken a while to think really, specially hard about my very best most favourite things in the entire world! It was really hard because sometimes I don't know if something is my favourite thing ever or the worst thing ever! Like manuka honey, sometimes I LOVE IT and sometimes it is positively evil!
Here is Manuka honey being good, and then being bad. It also looks a little bit like melty humans.

So! Here are my favourite things!



Squeaky cat!
It squeaks! It crinkles! it's SQUISHY! It has a happy smile!

Mini Cow!

ONK-pig! (yes, Onk, not oink)
...well, it USED to Onk. But I deaded the noisemaker. I only wanted to hug him with my teeth a little bit...

I also love my bed! And mummie and daddies bed! I think the best thing EVER would be my bed, but the size of a humans bed! ... Oh, hang on... that has already happened, because their bed IS my bed!
See! MY BED!

I also love morning cuddles with Mummie. I like to snuggle up as close as possible and I fall asleep with Mummie cuddling me! Nero likes to sleep at the end of the bed so I have all the room I want. As long as Mummie moves over. And she does. Because I WRIGGLE!

Other favourite things!

My new collar! It hasn't arrived yet, but here it is, about to be posted to me!
The collar on the left is a present for my greyhound friend Sam, and the one on the right is for me!
They're both from Indi-dog, which is where Nibs collar is from as well!

I love my Aunty Julia's treats, AND her embroidered bandanas, they're the ones me and Nibs wear a lot! She does blankets as well, and wheat bags!
My favourite bandana, because I am a one-dog squirrel patrol!

I also LOVE my Aunty Julia Cuddles!

Love you, Aunty J!

And of course I can't forget my Uncle Stevie Cuddles!

And last of my favourite things from Aunty J, is her photography of me and Nibs! She really captures my beauty, and as a self-conscious hound of good standing in the doggy community, I do like looking good in my press-approved photo's, dontcha know!

Here's Aunty J on facebook- http://www.facebook.com/puperazzi1

I also LOVE these!

My very clever Aunty K and Aunty D make these! They are mummies to my brudder-from-anudder-mudder, Sir Jack of the Grey  Table!

I also am really looking forward to this!
By David! Who can be found here! http://davidsbestmate.blogspot.com/

Lastly one of my favourite things, apart from when Daddie comes home and gives me hello hugs, or when Mummie makes dinner and it's the best thing ever, or when Aunty J brings me treats and I sit like a good girl... is the portrait my mummie painted of me-

This photo is from Mummies DA account, so excuse the watermark!

Ok, so there we go, some of my favourite things! I'm sure there are more, but trying to catch my favourite things in my head is like chasing rainbows! It is very difficult! So many things are lovely in the world!

Monday, 14 November 2011


Ambam here! I have a-stolen the computer from Nibs to let you know I am cultivating my longer post about my favourite things! One of my favourite things is the exclamation mark!
This is art by me! It is impressive because I don't have opposable thumbs!

Ok, next post will be a proper post, I have to finish thinking reeaally hard about my favourite things!

xxx Ambam!

(This is my thinking face)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Ok, last ones from the holiday, I promise!

Just a few more, and then the next post will be from Ambam, because she's only had one post and she's sulking!

This was a lovely sunset... unless you were the owner of the landrover... don't worry though, everyone helped him get his car free when he turned up!
And here's just a pretty, if overcast, photo of the beach we went to every day:

On ice cream patrol you have to work with your partner to cover all areas- if you're not hyper vigilant you could miss the opportunity to snaffle some ice cream! We had just come back from the witchcraft museum- Mummie didn't take pictures of the display because that wasn't allowed, but pictures of hounds is ok, right? It was a very interesting place for humans because Mummie and Daddie took forever looking at everything and going 'Ooooh, really? That's interesting'... I can tell you now that it does not hold the same thrall for hounds.
Are we done yet?

Ambam wasn't a big fan of it either, so Mummie gave her the special bandana covered with calming spray and that helped a bit.
I can see the exit sign... let's head towards that, yeah?

And finally the prettiest place we went to! These were taken from the top of the cliff, at Tintagel. There was a rainbow as well but Daddies phone camera didn't seem to capture it. It was lovely anyway! Me and Ambam were sniffing the air with our ears flapping in the breeze. Mummie said we looked serene.

It was so pretty! I wanted to run everywhere but Mummie and Daddie said 'No!' because apparently cliffs are dangerous. Pffffft, my middle name is danger! ...oh, no, wait, my middle name is dinner, sorry. Dinner, not Danger.

And lastly- on a rest stop on the drive home my Mummie met a Glen of Imaal Terrier! They're very rare! But Mummie forgot to get a photo, silly woman!
Here's a google search photo of one, (by Petra Wegner)
For more information about Glens, this is an awesome site!

Also here's a link to the witchcraft museum- http://www.museumofwitchcraft.com/
And of Polzeath where we stayed- http://www.polzeath.co.uk/
And Bodmin Jail- http://www.bodminjail.org/
And Tintagel Castle- http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/tintagel-castle/

Ok, that's all the holiday stuff! It was so exciting! I give holidays the houndly seal of approval!