Saturday, 26 November 2011

Nicknames and Emergency care tips.

We have quite a few nicknames, we seem to collect them like wrinkles as we get older! 'Nibs' and 'Ambam' are the usual two- and our chosen pseudonyms, or noms de plume, but we have quite a menagerie of names aside from those. I think all of us end up with a lot of nicknames! My canine friends that I know in the tangible world have many names, I think it's just another way our humans show their love for us!

Some of our nicknames include-
Big Boy
Dodo Chez


And we have a collective noun, too!

For we are!
The Dingbats (insert evil laugh here.)

Emergency care-
We have seen two very helpful videos, here is the first, concerning bloat. It is not pleasant to watch because the poor dog is in discomfort, but he survived, and it is really good to know what bloat looks like, as it can be so difficult but so important to spot. The quicker you spot bloat, the better chance a dog has of surviving!

The second is about CPR for dogs. This is the kind of information that everyone should know!

In other news, Ambam is being a fairy this week;

And Bella is recovering well from her operation! Thank you for all of the get well soon messages!

Ok, that's all for this post, have a safe and happy weekend, everyone! And belated Happy Thanksgiving day to everyone over the pond! xxxx


houndstooth said...

I'm glad the surgery went well and she's resting now!

We all have nicknames, too. I am quite fond of Mom calling me Pupcake.

Mom has an app for her iTouch that has all kinds of canine first aid on it, and CPR is one of the things. Dad went through a canine first aid class, too! I feel pretty safe knowing they're looking out for me!


What Remains Now said...

Those are greyt nicknames! I think the number of nicknames you have is in direct proportion to how much you're loved...looks like you guys are well loved.

The bloat video was very interesting. Glad Bella is recovering.

Claire Krigbaum said...

After I learned that Ambam was short for Amber I called MY Amber Ambam just to see what she thought. She tilted her and stared very hard at me.
We have lots of nicknames too. Rye is also sometimes a Bubba, don't really know why either! Or Roo, Roo Dog, Mr. Ruples....
Good videos for information. I have never seen bloat before so it's good to know exactly what it looks like.
Ambam makes the prettiest fairy :)

gyeong said...

I am going to go write down all the kid's nicknames before I forget them. Right after I practice CPR on them.

jet said...

heh your nicknames are cute!!

Sue said...

Glad Bella is doing well.

Ambam, What a lovelt fairy you make.

Both videos very informative.

Declan said...

That's useful stuff to know. Ambam looks beautiful... :-) Mum has some real weird names for me too, but not so many yet. Most common is Doo Dah... Uncle Flynn was commonly known as Nothity Rockstar... which just goes to show the warped state of her mind.