About us!


(Picture by J.Sargeant)

I am a Brindle ex-racing greyhound, I am 6 years old and I was adopted in early 2010, only two months after I stopped racing.

I am a very gentle hound, I don't mind the cats I have to live with, and I like kids! I was very unhappy and unhealthy with my teeth for quite a long time, and though my Mummie and Daddie and the vet tried lots of things, in the end the best thing for me was to have all of my teeth out! It was drastic and very scary for a hound, you understand- but I am now a very fit and healthy hound! Also a lot of people like my new permanent ETS look!

I am a PAT dog (pets as therapy)

Favourite things:
Neck scritches after my collar comes off
Morning belly rubs
Squeaky toys
Running and playing with my Sister, Ambam.


I am lightly Brindled, and have a bit of mystery surrounding me! I'm not sure what flavour hound I am! The best guess is greyhound x whippet, but my Mummie thinks I am a cross of a cross of another generation of grey x's- so apparently I am a longdog, rather than a lurcher. I am about 3 years old and I was adopted in early 2010!

My Mummie and Daddie are pretty sure I am an ex-coursing dog, as I came to them with a very high prey drive, and had to be trained not to eat my feline housemates! I was also beaten wherever I lived before- I used to have screaming nightmares and wet myself, and I have odd-set ribs where they have broken and rehealed oddly, and I have half a tail- who knows what happened there? When I came to my new parents I was the thinnest dog they had ever seen! Mummie and Daddie have worked with me since I was adopted to help me ease my fear, and to help me settle and to know I am loved, and have a forever home with them and will never be hit again!

Favourite things-
Playing with Nibs, even if he isn't in the mood!


I am a tan and white Jack Russell Terrier. I am about 2 and a half years old, and I was adopted in April 2012!

I bounced around a few homes in rescue before Mummie and Daddie adopted me. They were only going to foster me when they collected me from my last home, but Mummie realised as I sat there on her lap in the car that actually, I was already coming to my final, proper, forever home! I might be a rascal for anyone else, but I am very well-behaved (well... most of the time!) for Mummie and Daddie! I love doing tricks and playing tug. I LOVE playing with Ambam and sometimes even Nibs will play with me!

Favourite things-
Sleeping on the bed between Mummie and Daddie
Playing with Ambam with the neon tug toy!
Learning new tricks!
Running in the forest
Trying to clean everybody's ears!


I am a black and white cat, I am very petite! I am about 4, and I was rescued in 2009. I was living on the streets, and I was pregnant. Luckily a kind woman took me in and gave me over to the rescue group. I had my kittens, but sadly one had passed on before the little life even drew breath- but all of my other babies found good loving homes, and soon after that my Mummie and Daddie adopted me from the rescue group!

I took a while to settle in, I must admit I was not very nice for a long time, but Mummie remembered that when she came to collect me I reached out to her through the cage and purred in her arms and knew I could be happy again if they were just patient with me. And now I am the most loving cat!

Favourite things-
Morning headbutts with Mummie
Being brushed
laser pen!
Watching TV on Mummie's lap
Teasing the dogs!


I am a tabby-and-white cat, I am also petite in stature and I am also about 4 years old. I was rescued in 2011! I was privately rehomed when my old owner decided she couldn't keep me because of her boyfriend. I am a very happy cat- I love playing and I love purring and I love snuggling up to anyone and everyone!

I have pretty markings, with both dots and stripes! I was very quiet when I first came home, I earned the nickname 'Shelf-cat' because I didn't shift from the top shelf in the office for nearly two weeks! But it was ok, Mummie and Daddie understood that I needed space and time, and only bothered me to let me smell them and to say hello gently. Very quickly though I settled in and now I am a very confident and happy cat!

Favourite things-
Humans' dinner!
My little sparkly mouse toy
Cuddles and strokes
Playing with Tig!