Friday, 21 December 2012

Surprise house guest!

So we have a short-term guest with us at the moment, we were told she does have a foster space at the breed-specific rescue now, so we're not sure how much longer she will be stopping with us as mummie will be talking to the rescue lady later about transport I think.

Anyway, here is Lady Missy! She is a whippetydog, and she is teeny tiny! She has settled in very quickly already with us, so mummie and daddie think she will be very happy at her new foster home as well ^.^

She snuggled with Pixie,

And we all went for separate walks with her, but mummie forgot her camera apart form on the walk with my own handsome self!

Look how small she is! Here she is next to my handsome self ^.^

And she is elegant! I think she will find her forever home very easily!
Ok, that's all for now, I hope you are all well!

xxx Nibs

Monday, 17 December 2012

Sorry for the silence!

We have been busy! Well... Mummie has been busy painting, anyway- and she's a meany and won't let me on the laptop unless she can supervise! I've also been busy helping Mummie with the foster pup we had for a little while- he found a home rightawayquick! And I also gave blood again to help save a spaniels life. Remember- any dog who is over 25kg, healthy, calm at the vets, and vaccinated can give blood! Tell your human to let your vet know if you are happy to give blood, or check out (for you hounds in the UK)!

Anyway, firstly- Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to you all! Mummie got snap-happy with her camera and we have got our very own Christmas photo's!

Here's Ambam snuggling in a cuddly dressing gown-
Here is Pixie looking like a well-behaved Jack Russell (har har, I don't think so!)

And my good self, Nibs- looking very excited about the whole ordeal!
But Mummie makes up for the photo-taking with fun walkies! Here is our long Sunday outing to the woods. We did all get muddy, but no-one got muddier than Pixie!


Mummie you don't neeeeed a family photo! we don't wanna pose!

Small dog, BIG forest!

Muddy Pixie!

Muddy enough to have her own tide line!

Spot the Greyhound!

Spot the Lurcher!
Lastly, here are some of the things which have been keeping Mummie so busy! She has been playing with watercolours!


I hope you are all very happy and healthy and enjoying the festive atmosphere! We are looking forward to all the dog-friendly Christmas tid-bits we'll get in our dinner! Om nom nom nom nom! Lots of love to you all and paws crossed Mummie will let me post more often! Hounds have rights, too y'know!
-Nibs the marvellous

Friday, 19 October 2012

Oh my dog! They got married!

Hello ladies and gennelmen!

Well, we are all a happy united household now! Mummie and Daddie went and got married! Woooooooo!

And then me and Ambam went on Honeymoon with them! Pixie is still a bit too naughty for a relaxed Honeymoon so she had a holiday with GrannaNanna and Aunty Lee did spend time every day with the stinkykitties!
Mummie and Daddie on their wedding day! (No, silly, those aren't their faces, I did get all arty on them for their anonimimimity!)
Ambam and Daddie looking over the beach.

My handsome self looking over Boscastle.

Can I eat that, Mummie? I do think Lobdobs would be tasty!

THROW THE BALL! I don't care if I have sand on my nose! THROW THE BALL!
Sandy nose CLOSE-UP!

Looking towards the sea on a very windy day!
There are some more photo's but I might add those in another post because there are many-lots!
We also have some new collars, you might have noticed! My orange flower collar and Ambams green collar are from TillyMint, and they are very comfy and safe and pretty!
I got my very own tiger-stripe collar to match my very own tiger-striped body! It is very elegant and strong, and has got a lot of comments- thank you very much Fiona!
Also Pixie got a new collar as well from Fiona at the dogs collars, gosh Pixie has had a lot of collar problems, but this one is like Goldilocks's collar, just right! Thank you for being a lifesaver (and made OVERNIGHT! After mummie sent her a panicky e-mail, and then Fiona delivered the NEXT DAY! What a lovely lady!)

Well I hope you lot have had just as much fun as we have! Take care everyone!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

New and exciting things!

Hullo ladies and Gentlemen! It has been a few busy months since last time I posted! And I have come back with news for you, because we have a new family member!

Please meet Pixie-Cora!

Pixie is a two year old Jack Russell Terrier, she is also a rescue dog, and Mummie and Daddie adopted her two weeks ago, but we did know her before she landed in rescue, so she was not scared coming to live with us. Mummie's eyes did leakings when she did pick her up, 'cos she knew Pixie was home for good!

Pixie is still learning how to be good with the cats, but the ladies at her training class say she will be a natural at agility and she is a very, very bright button! She is learning fast. Ambam does love her lots now, and they play lots and lots all day together! I quite like her too, as long as she doesn't wake me up when I am snoozings!

The other news is that I am now officially a PAT dog! Mummie needs to send off one more form and she wants to order me a proper jacket, but I have my IDtag and certificate! I am really looking forward to visiting people and helping people feel good!

And finally have a picture each of Ambam and the stinky kitties so they don't feel left out!
(photo by J. White of Paws n' more photography)



Monday, 23 April 2012

Hullo ladies and gentlemen, hounds and houndettes in blogland, today I met Clay in person! He is a very handsome chap, very happy and so playful! We did lots of waggy tails and sniffings and he did share my bed a little bit, I did like him lots! You just wouldn't ever guess that he is so poorly, but that is quite nice for him, I think- that he is so happy and bubbly, he just doesn't know he is ill, and so he is enjoying his life to the full, which is the best way to be!

His Mummie loved her painting, and she loved me! I did get lots of cuddles and I did give her special wuffly sniffs because I did think she was lovely too!

Here are myself and Clay! He has lost a lot of fur, and his ear fur has been clipped to match his coat, but is still a handsome lad :)

Last week Ambam celebrated her 2nd Gotcha day! She is my wonderful, beautiful, daft, playful sister and I love her dearly, Mummie and Daddie and the stinkykitties do love her many lots as well, Mummie says she is like the sunshine after a rainy spell, always warm, welcome, and loved!

So here is Ambam, in all her wonderful sillyness, cuteness and beautifulness!

I hope you all had a wonderful week, too!