Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hullo my friends! I am back from the holiday!

Hello, just a quick post, with a longer one to follow!

We have just come back from a week in Cornwall!

It seemed like a very, very long journey, 6 hours in the car, with two comfort breaks. Here is our journey:
(Thanks googlemaps)

Here is us in the car on the journey down:
My mummie loves this photo!

And here's the beach we visited most days, the 'A' is where we were staying:
(Thanks again, googlemaps)

And HERE is what we drove past!
That is Stone Henge!

Ok, and finally for this short post, two places we visited properly!
Padstow Harbour, we went in a boat to get there, and it was SO windy our coats nearly blew off of us!

This is the road to Tintagel Castle ruins, where King Arthur is rumoured to have lived!

Anyway! I hope you are all well, I will update properly soon, I have discovered that I LOVE holidays!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hmmm. What on EARTH is going on?

Mummie is doing yet more odd things...

Why is she jingling the collars if not for walkies? Why has she bought Ambam a long line and tidied my long line up? Why is she putting my favourite toys into a carrycase? Why are all of our blankets being washed and folded by the front door? Why is she measuring us up for our harnesses again? Why did Daddie tear the car apart and use the evil hoover on it for hours?

What's going on?

These humans need to just relax and take it easy, like me and Ambam. Why, only today I managed to spend 20 hours sleeping and it barely took me any effort at all!

On a side note, Lovely Sue from said my comment form is acting up, sorry if it is doing so for anybody else, I'll see if my mummie can have a look at it!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A small human is visiting!

Well! That was what all the cleaning was about! My mummies young cousin has come to stay for a few days. I like having other poeple here, there are lots of new things to sniff and another person to bother for food!

Like so!

Me and Ambam were so excited by the prospect of food that we had to hold paws.

This morning we had extra special cuddles with the visiting small human as well! Ambam especially liked her cuddles, because she was allowed on the bed! AND she got kisses AND cuddles AND strokes. She is a hound who likes her attention!

I was feeling a bit left out-

But then the small human remembered yours truly, and came over to give me cuddles as well! Wheeee! She is very good at the ear tickles and neck-scritches, I approve!

But Ambam got jealous and used her ultimate weapon to lure back the small human- her pointy ear of controlling-ness...ness...ness. Luckily Mummie decided it was time to get up and dressed so Ambams cunning plan didn't have time to work and I got the last cuddle!

Nice try!

Ohhh, AND when we got downstairs the post came! I got a new collar from Indi-dog- AND my real-life cousin and brother from the Grey Table, Knight in shining amour Jack the greyhound managed to snaffle me some new teeth! They're from a retirement care home though... so the spare set is a little...used! Thank you Jack!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Helpful bed-making and a note about comments

Hullo! Two things!

Thing one- Hello you lovely people who have kindly decided to 'follow' me! I've never had a follower before. Apart from all the other hounds on the track eating my dust cos I was so FAST. Zoooooooom!

Thing two- I've been answering comments in my comment section (and thank you for commenting, for it does make me happy to speak to other people and hounds!) but this is not the best way of doing it, as noone gets notified that I've answered and then I look all rude!

The way around this is commenting back to you on your blog, but sometimes answering a coment on a commenters own most recent blogpost can be all confusing (like this sentence), but I guess that's the only way forward? So that's what I'll be doing from now on!

Boring bit over- photos now!

Mummie was making the bed in the spare room- we helped!
Yes, mummie? Look, you need a cover that is two hounds in length. Go fetch.

And one hound in width, ok?

'Mummie stop with the photos!' says Ambam

Ok, thanks for dropping by, have a happy and houndly Sunday! I have dinners to eat and lamposts to sniff and dreams to dream and toys to nom on and balls to chase! Wheeeee!

Bits and bobs

Today has already been far too busy for my liking! Mummie and Daddie have been buzzing round like mad things! Mummie got her priorities right though, and gave me and Ambam breakfast before starting up the dreaded hoover AGAIN!

This is the beast. I have carefully drawn his teeth and terrible eyes so you, too, can join in our fear.

I don't know what all this cleaning business is about, but it has some good bonus points- last night our bed next to Mummie was SO comfy! Mummie had fluffed and plumped our cushions and duvet and got out new cosy blankets for us! I didn't want to get out of bed!

Dallie also found a perk of the cleaning frenzy- unattended blankets.
Cosy cat. Sneaky cat.

Then Mummie and Daddie moved the blankets, which caused something unnerving and worrying to happen...

The cats combined forces... If a true alliance is formed by these two then we may all be doomed.

Then the humans had a break for dinner and me and Ambam helped with the cleanup operation. It's a very important job so we always make sure we're very thorough.


After dinner Daddie and Mummie finished off the cleaning downstairs and Daddie collapsed into the armchair and went 'Zzzzzzzz' for a while- Dallie joined in because she's a copycat.

Household 'hide your head' competition.

Things seem to be back to normal now, things are just cleaner and more tidy. I think we're having special visitors tomorrow, but I am a hound, and nobody fills me in on these things so I shall just have to wait and see!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Just an ordinary day.

Today was a pretty good day, Ambam woke Mummie up in the morning-

You up?

You up NOW?

I spent most of the morning sleeping on Mummie on the sofa, Mummie was tap-tap-tapping away on the laptop lots and lots, she must get bored of it but still she goes on. I hope she's doing interesting work!

My Mummie got the dreaded hoover and tidied and hoovered and tidied some more. I helped by making the beds comfy in a big pile but Mummie said 'Oh, Nibs!' and put them all back! Humans are silly, truly. My Aunty Julia and Aunty Dawn came over and they all drank tea and coffee and went 'Oooohhhhh that's better.' And then Mummie put me and Ambam in the bedroom because Aunty Dawn brought with her my friend Sam the greyhound who is a bit wonky, and a teeny tiny and quite poorly miniature Dachshund, and she needs peace and quiet.

It was ok though, because I managed to catch up on my beauty sleep!

Then as my Aunties were leaving my Daddie came home and we were all excited... and then the cats moved in and claimed him. Boo!

'I'm sorry, this human is unavailable for use at this time' -cats.

And then we went for a walk with Mummie and I sniffed EVERYTHING in case anything new had happened at the lampost spots since this morning. Ambam helped out and double checked all the sniffy places, too.

So there we go, a fairly normal day, nothing too exciting.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

It is COLD.

I am inside, it is 15°C! That's 59°F for you farenheit-using people. I am a hound accustomed to warmth and comfort! So I sorted it out myself.

Spot the hound!


I got under Mummies blanket with her, problem solved! No I just have to stretch until the whole sofa is mine!

AH-HAH! All becomes clear!

Ok, the mystery has been solved, my friends! After having an exhausting day wondering just what on earth was going on, me and Ambam were allowed downstairs for cuddles with Mummie and Daddie. I was even allowed on the new sofa!

So comfy my nose went a bit wonky.

After cuddles Ambam and myself sat Mummie and Daddie down and we were all stern!
Mmmkay, what's been goin' on, guys? Mummie, you haven't hoovered! Daddie, your worktools are all over the place! Why have we been shut away all day? Why would you be so cruel???

Mummie said it was for our own safety, and that we could have a look in the morning before walkies.

Well! What a mess these humans make! No wonder it was so loud! Look at what they did to our little garden with their mess! Hmm, ok, there are some sharp nails out here, I SUPPOSE you were looking after our safety. And I think I heard DanDan and NanGrans anglegrinder and jigsaw. I don't like sharp things!
Look at all of this, Mummie! What did you make all this mess for?

Hey, what's up there? ...Ohhhhhhh!

You were doing a roof thing! Well I can't climb, mix mortar, use hammer and nails, or pass you tiles... but I could have pointed out bits you'd missed! I could have been helpful! I really don't know what all the fuss was about!

Even Tig doesn't know what all the fuss was about. Mummie and Daddie keep looking at it and going 'cooo, isn't it nice now?' But it was a roof before and it's a roof now- where's the difference? Now, if it had been a roof made of kibble and marrow bones, I might get excited!

Now I just have to make sure Mummie and Daddie clean the garden properly!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nibs again!

Hullo my friends, I have managed to wrest the laptop from the evil genius stinkycat, hoorah! No pictures today as Mummie and Daddie have been busy. It is about this that I wish to complain!

For the last few days me and Ambam have been trapped- TRAPPED!- against our will in the bedroom. I was at first hypnotised by the big human bed which called me towards it inexorably. I lost hours to its wicked duvet ways...hours.

I don't know what my humans are doing... nor does Ambam, but she is a hound of very little brain, so that doesn't surprise me. There is dust in the house and in the garden, and strange piles of rubble and tiles have appeared in the garden as well.

I try to have a look when Mummie releases us from our prison for walkies, but alas, I have not been able to fully guage these goings on.

The parents of my Mummie and Daddie- NanGran and Dandan- have been here as well. There have been bangings and crashings... I don't like the noise and nor does Ambam. Today I resisted the big bed and used my howl to ask what was going on- Mummie just shouted human gibberish at me through the door. I am not impressed. I shall update soon, my friends. For now, send us your prayers and any spare food.

...That big bed does look very tempting...


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Cat-Attack! Blog hijack by Dahlia.

Meow! Good day to you, mere human servants. I have decided to release some details of my decadent life with you. You lucky creatures. Nibs will have his blog back, don't worry, but us cats must have our input!

My name is Dahlia, I am three years old, and I have been living with the humans Nibs refers to as 'Mummie and Daddie' for nearly four months, so I am still finding my feet and plotting household domination and regime change.

Here is my day to day timetable, illustrated for your simple minds with pretty pictures. You are welcome.

I start the day using human female as a heating device and cushion. After an hour I prompt her into feeding me caviar and fois gras with the gentle application of my claws to her thigh.

After eating, usually I use human female as an armchair, and continue plotting world domination (with my eyes closed to ensure better concentration)

After inspecing the kitchen for cleanliness I employ the human female in the task of stripe-counting and spot-checking. I can only rest if I am secure in the knowledge that every marking is in place. The above is the best position for this task.

The human servants cannot be trusted to plump the sofa cushions alone- I must always test their work.

Sometimes my human female attempts to communicate with the outside world. This leads to dissent and it is an activity which must be stopped. Here you can see the easiest way of halting communications- physically block the humans access to the laptop. If this method does not work I take further steps and guard the keyboard with my body. If the humans try to convinve me to move I employ my most fearful of weapons, the tiny teeth of doom.

Humans must learn their place in the hierarchy.

That is all. You may go.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A lovely day with friends and a photoshoot!

Yesterday I was out ALL day! My good friend and fellow Knight of the Grey Table came over. His name is Jack and he is my real life cousin! He brought his mummies with him so my mummie and my Aunty Julia would have people to talk to, because you have to keep your humans happy, you know.

As well as Jack, my good self and Ambam, we spent the day with 6 other dogs! Bruce, another Knight of the Grey Table, Princess Bella, Alfie, Jones, and Amy (all lurchers) and Dennis, a terrier terror.


We had to have lots of water after all that running!

That's me in the bowl, Ambam with the red roses collar and Jack with the white muzzle.

When we came back we had to have a long rest (we're all wearing our 'Squirrel Patrol' bandanas!)
Lots and LOTS of rest!

After all of the running and the resting and after the humans ate their dinner and we had our dinner, my Aunty Julia got her camera and backdrop ready and took our photos! My mummie really wanted some new photos of me and Ambam because I was poorly at the beginning of the year- and now I'm healthy and happy and Ambam is properly settled in, she wanted to celebrate with new pics, and she only trusts Aunty Julia to do me and Ambam justice!

Me and Jack and Bruce, the Knights!

Something tasty on my nose!

Hansdome and Pretty side my side if I do say so myself!

I can do 'beg' as well! I am a Lion-rampant! Rrrraarrrrrr!

Ambam can't keep her mouth shut!

My mummie loves this one!

As soon as we got home mummie put all the photos up on the wall! We had such a lovely day!

My Aunty Julia runs elegance photography, and she is known as Puperazzi on facebook:

She lives with Bella, Bruce, Alfie, Dennis, Jones and Amy!

She also does embroidery:

Ok! That's all for today, take care everyone!