Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ambam's favourite things!

OK! Ambam here! I like exclaimation marks! It makes everything more exciting! AND I AM ALWAYS EXCITED!

Right, so this is my blog post for you internet dwellers. I am a lurcher. A longdog/lurcher. I'm pretty much 100% sighthound cross sighthound cross sighthound cross sighthound...but somewhere back there one of my ancesters did the nasty with maybe a staffy? I don't know, but I am FAST and I am AWESOME!

Bieng a lurcherlongdog I like;

THIS is my favourite;

 And I LOVE running!

(That's meeee! Photos by Julia from elegance photography (puperazzi on facebook)
I also LOVE sleeping!

 and I LOVE eating!

AND I love- burping, licking, rolling, chasing, barking, whining, wagging my tail and making friends AND doing ZOOMIES! And stealing the sofa and any available beds, of course!

Those are some of my favourtie things! More favourite things later when Nibs lets me have another go on the computer!

-AMBAM xxxx

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