Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Origins of the stripeyhounds

This evening I will be covering my origins! I was born in June 2006 in Ireland, and then travelled over to England to race at Great Yarmouth. I was not lucky enough to have a very nice man as my owner and trainer but at least I wasn't beaten like my sister Ambam, who has a much sadder past than me.

I was luckily rescued with a lot of other greyhounds who had been given 24 hours to live before we were going to be 'dispatched'. I was in kennels for only two months before my mummie and daddie adopted me from the rescue group.

Ambam has a more murky past, we don't really know where she came from apart from that a rescue group convinced a group of people in Ireland to give her over to them. When mummie and Daddie adopted her she was extremely thin. Here she is on her very first day, it is NOT a very nice photo at all.

She was very sad and scared and very obsessed with food. Mummie and Daddie think she was used for coursing and had to scavenge for food. She only has half a tail and had to be trained intensively not to try and kill the cats, but she is very clever and loving and eager to please despite her past and now lives happily with the stinky cats.

Here is a much happier photo of Ambam from a few months ago-
Awwwwwwww! She is so much happier now!


AlicetotheMoon said...

I don't know who is luckier the hounds or the humans, either way, a happily ever after.

Sam Saxby said...

Oh Amber yous is the most pweety girl next to Bella me booty yous is my fav girls and i likes big bum too hehehe