Saturday, 23 June 2012

New and exciting things!

Hullo ladies and Gentlemen! It has been a few busy months since last time I posted! And I have come back with news for you, because we have a new family member!

Please meet Pixie-Cora!

Pixie is a two year old Jack Russell Terrier, she is also a rescue dog, and Mummie and Daddie adopted her two weeks ago, but we did know her before she landed in rescue, so she was not scared coming to live with us. Mummie's eyes did leakings when she did pick her up, 'cos she knew Pixie was home for good!

Pixie is still learning how to be good with the cats, but the ladies at her training class say she will be a natural at agility and she is a very, very bright button! She is learning fast. Ambam does love her lots now, and they play lots and lots all day together! I quite like her too, as long as she doesn't wake me up when I am snoozings!

The other news is that I am now officially a PAT dog! Mummie needs to send off one more form and she wants to order me a proper jacket, but I have my IDtag and certificate! I am really looking forward to visiting people and helping people feel good!

And finally have a picture each of Ambam and the stinky kitties so they don't feel left out!
(photo by J. White of Paws n' more photography)