Friday, 19 October 2012

Oh my dog! They got married!

Hello ladies and gennelmen!

Well, we are all a happy united household now! Mummie and Daddie went and got married! Woooooooo!

And then me and Ambam went on Honeymoon with them! Pixie is still a bit too naughty for a relaxed Honeymoon so she had a holiday with GrannaNanna and Aunty Lee did spend time every day with the stinkykitties!
Mummie and Daddie on their wedding day! (No, silly, those aren't their faces, I did get all arty on them for their anonimimimity!)
Ambam and Daddie looking over the beach.

My handsome self looking over Boscastle.

Can I eat that, Mummie? I do think Lobdobs would be tasty!

THROW THE BALL! I don't care if I have sand on my nose! THROW THE BALL!
Sandy nose CLOSE-UP!

Looking towards the sea on a very windy day!
There are some more photo's but I might add those in another post because there are many-lots!
We also have some new collars, you might have noticed! My orange flower collar and Ambams green collar are from TillyMint, and they are very comfy and safe and pretty!
I got my very own tiger-stripe collar to match my very own tiger-striped body! It is very elegant and strong, and has got a lot of comments- thank you very much Fiona!
Also Pixie got a new collar as well from Fiona at the dogs collars, gosh Pixie has had a lot of collar problems, but this one is like Goldilocks's collar, just right! Thank you for being a lifesaver (and made OVERNIGHT! After mummie sent her a panicky e-mail, and then Fiona delivered the NEXT DAY! What a lovely lady!)

Well I hope you lot have had just as much fun as we have! Take care everyone!