Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lovely walk in the sun!

Hello everyone, it's all been very busy here recently, sorry for not posting more! I celebrated my second gotcha day, and valentines day- I got a special liver cake from my valentine, and for my gotcha day I got a new teddy bear!
Om nom nom nom!

Here's my cake, My beloved used her version of my posh name ^.^

So here are some photo's from today's walk. It is SUCH a lovely day. I love to feel the sun on my back, everything smells better when the sun is out! Ambam was so happy in the sun she kept doing her smiley face, but she doesn't keep still long enough for Mummie to snap it on camera!

This is one of the Grey Friars buildings, it is tucked right away, next to the river.

Here is Ambam being very interested in another dog in the park!

I couldn't believe it! The SUN! It's OUT! Look Ambam!

Oh, actually, I think that dog looks quite interesting as well!

The water is flowing through an old Millers track, doesn't it look smooth and beautifully clear over that ramp?

On our way home, come on Mummie! My legs need a rest!

That's all for today, hope the weather is lovely where you are, too!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ack! the dreaded Tag!

Bunny, you got me! Argh! A tag right through the heart; no escape!

Mummie said it can be a dog-special, and the kitties could have their own post soon to make up for it. A post! On my blog? Again? Awww, Mummie, nobody wants to read about silly cats! Oh alright, stop looking at me like that, I suppose they can do a post. Now, let's get on with the questions challenge...

1. Describe yourself in seven words.

Nibs: Handsome, relaxed, gentle, sweet natured, funny, calm, lazy.

Ambam: Beautiful, playful, loving, silly, energetic, cuddly, clever.

2. What keeps you up at night?

Nibs: If I'm cold, or if my bed isn't soft enough. You know only last night I had to wake Mummie up to plump up my bed. She can't complain, she should have plumped it BEFORE we all went to bed.

Ambam: Not often now, but sometimes I still have nightmares, and that wakes everybody up.

3. Who would you like to be?

Nibs: The hound with the fullest tummy, of course!

Ambam: I would like to get rid of my fears, but Mummie and Daddie love me, and so I suppose the fears already don't bother me so much as they used to!

4. What are you wearing right now?

Nibs: My own wonderful, couture, brindled fur! I have some lovely items to pick through later though. I spy with my little eye something covered in polka-dots!

Ambam: My bandana, I had a bandage on my foot last night and so Mummie put on my calming bandana, which smells all lovely and makes me feel better.

5. What scares you?

Nibs: Nothing! I've got too much sleep to catch up on to be scared of anything!

Ambam: Lots of things. Unexpected touches, HUGE loud lorries going past me, the vet, some strange men, umbrellas, cats!

6. The best and worst of blogging?

Nibs & Ambam: We love reading about how other dogs live, and making new friends, learning new things- we also love the community aspect, there's a lot of love and support to be found out there ^.^

The worst... has to be hearing about tradgedy. We still feel very tearful and out hearts hurt still for the Kissa-bulls pittie pack. (donation button is still there- top right, please help if you can).

7. What was the last website you visited?

Nibs & Ambam: Why, that would be Bunny's blog!

8. What is the one thing you would change about yourself?

Nibs: I would make myself smaller, so I could fit on any available soft things. Like Mummie's lap- though sometimes I manage to fit on her lap at this size!

Ambam: I would be even FASTER because I LOVE my zoomies!!!

9. Slankets- yes or no?

Nibs: I already have quite a few coats and pyjamas, but if it's soft and warm then I'm a fan!

Ambam: Er.... I'd prefer NOT to wear one, unless it's freezing, thanks!

10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you.

Nibs & Ambam: Bunny is everywhere in the houndly blogosphere! I don't know how she gets about, but she's always ready with a kind and funny comment! She is a hound of graceful poise and beauty, which her Mummie captures in really wonderful photo's. She lives with some other rather wonderful dogs, her blog is most certainly worth a look!

We are meant to tag eight other bloggers, but I'm stealing a leaf out of Deccy's book and being lazy! (As a dog once said to me- hounds are made to break the rules!) So if you ahve read this- consider yourself TAGGED! Bwahahahaha!

Ok, over and out!

Nibs and Ambam (masters of disguise and sandwich snaffling)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New bed!

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your kindness and acceptance of my beautiful self and my modelling of those heels! You are all just too lovely, I feel I can now strut my stuff with pride! For the benefit of 24 paws of love ( I will gladly assemble my complete ensemble one day soon and get Mummie to take a photo for you!

Secondly- look what my Aunty J made for me! It's got my full name and Ambams full name there, rather than our full time nicknames because it's all posh and beautiful, and grown-up; so Mummie said we must use our 'proper' names!
Look! Royal Blue! Gold lettering! TASSELS!!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! I LOVE it! Aunty J is dropping it round later and Mummie will put our duvet inside to make it all puffy and comfy and LOVELY!

Aunty J and Uncle S's embroidery is here:!/BellasEmbroidery and here:

And Thirdly, We did visit the vet today, because Ambam has a cyst on her paw, the vet-man did give us some cream to put on, but we might have to go back if it gets any bigger- I hope it goes away! Ambam was VERY, VERY brave and good, because she is very scared of the vet but stayed still, and didn't piddle or growl- well done, sis!

The vet said we were both in beautiful condition, and I got lots and lots and LOTS of fuss and attention because I do give blood there sometimes and they know me. I have to have a big rest now and a little sleep because wagging my tail so much takes up a lot of energy, you know!

Ok, take care now, everyone!

xxx Nibs and Ambam!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I've got a deep, dark secret...

*sigh* Ok guys, it's difficult for me to talk about- I'd really appreciate your understanding and compassion with this. It's been going on for a while and I'm not proud of it.

*deep breath*

Mummie likes to dress me up in ladies clothes...


let her do it.



Oh, the heels... But don't I- just a little bit- look simply ravishing? The spots nicely compliment my stripes, I think! ^.^

Mummie says the world takes all sorts and I shouldn't be ashamed, but, well, telling your friends is always nervewracking, eh?

Well, I'll say no more now and let it- y'know- sink in. I'll just leave with this- I'm not alone!
(Ambam can carry off heels, too, you know!)

Talk-less-Tuesday (See what I did there?)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Rhodesian Ridgeback painting and other bits and bobs.

Firstly, sorry to those I didn't notify immediately about the Pawsome Blogger award- the little laptop kept freezing as I jumped from blog to blog, and Daddie only managed to get around to fixing the big laptop last night (he is a very clever man!) I think I've let everyone know now!

Also, our boiler has broken! Nooo! I suppose every cloud has a silver lining though- because Mummie has closed the door to our own special houndly room, we are instead allowed on the new sofa! Wheee! Mummie has brought our coats downstairs (pyjama coats) for if it gets too cold. It is ok at the moment, but Mummie feels the cold so she already has on all her winter wear AND a duvet! Come off it, Mummie, it is not THAT cold, you wuss!

Ok, lastly, here is one of the paintings Mummie is working on at the moment, it is of a very handsome RR named Kilo!
He isn't done yet!

Here is the work in progress so far...

Ok, thanks, bye now!

xxx Nibs and Ambam