Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ack! the dreaded Tag!

Bunny, you got me! Argh! A tag right through the heart; no escape!

Mummie said it can be a dog-special, and the kitties could have their own post soon to make up for it. A post! On my blog? Again? Awww, Mummie, nobody wants to read about silly cats! Oh alright, stop looking at me like that, I suppose they can do a post. Now, let's get on with the questions challenge...

1. Describe yourself in seven words.

Nibs: Handsome, relaxed, gentle, sweet natured, funny, calm, lazy.

Ambam: Beautiful, playful, loving, silly, energetic, cuddly, clever.

2. What keeps you up at night?

Nibs: If I'm cold, or if my bed isn't soft enough. You know only last night I had to wake Mummie up to plump up my bed. She can't complain, she should have plumped it BEFORE we all went to bed.

Ambam: Not often now, but sometimes I still have nightmares, and that wakes everybody up.

3. Who would you like to be?

Nibs: The hound with the fullest tummy, of course!

Ambam: I would like to get rid of my fears, but Mummie and Daddie love me, and so I suppose the fears already don't bother me so much as they used to!

4. What are you wearing right now?

Nibs: My own wonderful, couture, brindled fur! I have some lovely items to pick through later though. I spy with my little eye something covered in polka-dots!

Ambam: My bandana, I had a bandage on my foot last night and so Mummie put on my calming bandana, which smells all lovely and makes me feel better.

5. What scares you?

Nibs: Nothing! I've got too much sleep to catch up on to be scared of anything!

Ambam: Lots of things. Unexpected touches, HUGE loud lorries going past me, the vet, some strange men, umbrellas, cats!

6. The best and worst of blogging?

Nibs & Ambam: We love reading about how other dogs live, and making new friends, learning new things- we also love the community aspect, there's a lot of love and support to be found out there ^.^

The worst... has to be hearing about tradgedy. We still feel very tearful and out hearts hurt still for the Kissa-bulls pittie pack. (donation button is still there- top right, please help if you can).

7. What was the last website you visited?

Nibs & Ambam: Why, that would be Bunny's blog!

8. What is the one thing you would change about yourself?

Nibs: I would make myself smaller, so I could fit on any available soft things. Like Mummie's lap- though sometimes I manage to fit on her lap at this size!

Ambam: I would be even FASTER because I LOVE my zoomies!!!

9. Slankets- yes or no?

Nibs: I already have quite a few coats and pyjamas, but if it's soft and warm then I'm a fan!

Ambam: Er.... I'd prefer NOT to wear one, unless it's freezing, thanks!

10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you.

Nibs & Ambam: Bunny is everywhere in the houndly blogosphere! I don't know how she gets about, but she's always ready with a kind and funny comment! She is a hound of graceful poise and beauty, which her Mummie captures in really wonderful photo's. She lives with some other rather wonderful dogs, her blog is most certainly worth a look!

We are meant to tag eight other bloggers, but I'm stealing a leaf out of Deccy's book and being lazy! (As a dog once said to me- hounds are made to break the rules!) So if you ahve read this- consider yourself TAGGED! Bwahahahaha!

Ok, over and out!

Nibs and Ambam (masters of disguise and sandwich snaffling)


Declan said...

Can't wait for the polka dots mate! And I do not have ulterior motives... well not many. Hehe! Uncle Flynn's nails always bled and Mum used to keep a styptic pen to hand. Deccy x

houndstooth said...

Fabulous answers! I can't wait to see what sort of polka dot couture you crack out. I certainly didn't mean to exclude the cats! They could have participated, too. I just knew the two of you would have great answers!


Sue said...

Nice to find out more about your two:)

What Remains Now said...

So fun to read your answers!

Winnie said...

Great answers. I've been tagged too so I'd better get on with it I guess. But I think SO many people have been tagged I'll take a leaf out of yours and Deccy's book too.

Love and licks, Winnie