Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bits and bobs

Today has already been far too busy for my liking! Mummie and Daddie have been buzzing round like mad things! Mummie got her priorities right though, and gave me and Ambam breakfast before starting up the dreaded hoover AGAIN!

This is the beast. I have carefully drawn his teeth and terrible eyes so you, too, can join in our fear.

I don't know what all this cleaning business is about, but it has some good bonus points- last night our bed next to Mummie was SO comfy! Mummie had fluffed and plumped our cushions and duvet and got out new cosy blankets for us! I didn't want to get out of bed!

Dallie also found a perk of the cleaning frenzy- unattended blankets.
Cosy cat. Sneaky cat.

Then Mummie and Daddie moved the blankets, which caused something unnerving and worrying to happen...

The cats combined forces... If a true alliance is formed by these two then we may all be doomed.

Then the humans had a break for dinner and me and Ambam helped with the cleanup operation. It's a very important job so we always make sure we're very thorough.


After dinner Daddie and Mummie finished off the cleaning downstairs and Daddie collapsed into the armchair and went 'Zzzzzzzz' for a while- Dallie joined in because she's a copycat.

Household 'hide your head' competition.

Things seem to be back to normal now, things are just cleaner and more tidy. I think we're having special visitors tomorrow, but I am a hound, and nobody fills me in on these things so I shall just have to wait and see!


Declan said...

You're right about cats and Hoovers. They are both evil; I know.... Deccy x

jet said...

I love the drawing of the vacuum monster. I think most hounds feel the same way you do.

AlicetotheMoon said...

I hate da vakyoo sucka

Sue said...

My mum says so long as I stay in my bed, the hoover won't hurt me.

Cats......when I see one, especially if it is a black and white one........well I just want to chase it. I don't want to catch it, just make it run.

Thanks for popping into my blog.

houndstooth said...

I have to agree, those vacuum cleaners are the tool of the devil! We all try to go to the bedroom or some other safe place when Mom or Dad turns ours on. I'm not certain, but I fear if it got close enough, it could suck your soul!


Nibs said...

Yes indeed, I have heard this rumour, Bunny! I don't panic like Ambam does, but I certainly keep my distance! I wish I had a really safe place like you, Song!

houndstooth said...

Blueberry hates the vacuum most of all of us in our house. I am the bravest, but even I dislike it immensely!