Sunday, 9 October 2011

A lovely day with friends and a photoshoot!

Yesterday I was out ALL day! My good friend and fellow Knight of the Grey Table came over. His name is Jack and he is my real life cousin! He brought his mummies with him so my mummie and my Aunty Julia would have people to talk to, because you have to keep your humans happy, you know.

As well as Jack, my good self and Ambam, we spent the day with 6 other dogs! Bruce, another Knight of the Grey Table, Princess Bella, Alfie, Jones, and Amy (all lurchers) and Dennis, a terrier terror.


We had to have lots of water after all that running!

That's me in the bowl, Ambam with the red roses collar and Jack with the white muzzle.

When we came back we had to have a long rest (we're all wearing our 'Squirrel Patrol' bandanas!)
Lots and LOTS of rest!

After all of the running and the resting and after the humans ate their dinner and we had our dinner, my Aunty Julia got her camera and backdrop ready and took our photos! My mummie really wanted some new photos of me and Ambam because I was poorly at the beginning of the year- and now I'm healthy and happy and Ambam is properly settled in, she wanted to celebrate with new pics, and she only trusts Aunty Julia to do me and Ambam justice!

Me and Jack and Bruce, the Knights!

Something tasty on my nose!

Hansdome and Pretty side my side if I do say so myself!

I can do 'beg' as well! I am a Lion-rampant! Rrrraarrrrrr!

Ambam can't keep her mouth shut!

My mummie loves this one!

As soon as we got home mummie put all the photos up on the wall! We had such a lovely day!

My Aunty Julia runs elegance photography, and she is known as Puperazzi on facebook:

She lives with Bella, Bruce, Alfie, Dennis, Jones and Amy!

She also does embroidery:

Ok! That's all for today, take care everyone!


Kini_pella said...

Beautiful photos...the last one is more then precious!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Awww, it works now! Thanks for changing.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

What a gorgeous place to walk in the top photo! No wonder everybody was tired and thirsty!

Love the photos. How wonderful to have so many professional ones of you both. Nibs, you're a real star being able to beg!