Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hmmm. What on EARTH is going on?

Mummie is doing yet more odd things...

Why is she jingling the collars if not for walkies? Why has she bought Ambam a long line and tidied my long line up? Why is she putting my favourite toys into a carrycase? Why are all of our blankets being washed and folded by the front door? Why is she measuring us up for our harnesses again? Why did Daddie tear the car apart and use the evil hoover on it for hours?

What's going on?

These humans need to just relax and take it easy, like me and Ambam. Why, only today I managed to spend 20 hours sleeping and it barely took me any effort at all!

On a side note, Lovely Sue from said my comment form is acting up, sorry if it is doing so for anybody else, I'll see if my mummie can have a look at it!