Friday, 14 October 2011

Just an ordinary day.

Today was a pretty good day, Ambam woke Mummie up in the morning-

You up?

You up NOW?

I spent most of the morning sleeping on Mummie on the sofa, Mummie was tap-tap-tapping away on the laptop lots and lots, she must get bored of it but still she goes on. I hope she's doing interesting work!

My Mummie got the dreaded hoover and tidied and hoovered and tidied some more. I helped by making the beds comfy in a big pile but Mummie said 'Oh, Nibs!' and put them all back! Humans are silly, truly. My Aunty Julia and Aunty Dawn came over and they all drank tea and coffee and went 'Oooohhhhh that's better.' And then Mummie put me and Ambam in the bedroom because Aunty Dawn brought with her my friend Sam the greyhound who is a bit wonky, and a teeny tiny and quite poorly miniature Dachshund, and she needs peace and quiet.

It was ok though, because I managed to catch up on my beauty sleep!

Then as my Aunties were leaving my Daddie came home and we were all excited... and then the cats moved in and claimed him. Boo!

'I'm sorry, this human is unavailable for use at this time' -cats.

And then we went for a walk with Mummie and I sniffed EVERYTHING in case anything new had happened at the lampost spots since this morning. Ambam helped out and double checked all the sniffy places, too.

So there we go, a fairly normal day, nothing too exciting.


Declan said...

Sounds good. My cat just attacked my nose - i could do with something less exciting. Humph. Deccy x

jet said...

cats are evil how they hog the humans like that!

Nibs said...

Aww Declan, Ambam had a catscratched nose- but only once! We tend not to mingle. I hope your nose isn't too lacerated?

Jet- I completely agree! They might look cute and fluffy but pure evil runs through their my opinion anyway. Mummie doesn't agree with me though!

houndstooth said...

Nibs, I think you need to put your paw down with those cats. If you let them start getting ideas about taking over your humans, the next thing you know, you'll be sleeping on the floor or some craziness!