Monday, 17 December 2012

Sorry for the silence!

We have been busy! Well... Mummie has been busy painting, anyway- and she's a meany and won't let me on the laptop unless she can supervise! I've also been busy helping Mummie with the foster pup we had for a little while- he found a home rightawayquick! And I also gave blood again to help save a spaniels life. Remember- any dog who is over 25kg, healthy, calm at the vets, and vaccinated can give blood! Tell your human to let your vet know if you are happy to give blood, or check out (for you hounds in the UK)!

Anyway, firstly- Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to you all! Mummie got snap-happy with her camera and we have got our very own Christmas photo's!

Here's Ambam snuggling in a cuddly dressing gown-
Here is Pixie looking like a well-behaved Jack Russell (har har, I don't think so!)

And my good self, Nibs- looking very excited about the whole ordeal!
But Mummie makes up for the photo-taking with fun walkies! Here is our long Sunday outing to the woods. We did all get muddy, but no-one got muddier than Pixie!


Mummie you don't neeeeed a family photo! we don't wanna pose!

Small dog, BIG forest!

Muddy Pixie!

Muddy enough to have her own tide line!

Spot the Greyhound!

Spot the Lurcher!
Lastly, here are some of the things which have been keeping Mummie so busy! She has been playing with watercolours!


I hope you are all very happy and healthy and enjoying the festive atmosphere! We are looking forward to all the dog-friendly Christmas tid-bits we'll get in our dinner! Om nom nom nom nom! Lots of love to you all and paws crossed Mummie will let me post more often! Hounds have rights, too y'know!
-Nibs the marvellous


What Remains Now said...

Busy and no mention about being newlyweds. Very classy. I LOVE your paintings. You are incredibly talented to be able to capture the pups so beautifully. Looks like everyone had a great time during their romp. Always glad to hear from you.

jet said...

ah poor Pixie, it must be hard to stay clean when one has such stubby little legs!! Very cute though. I used to think JRTs were just insane and annoying but I realise now the ones that I met were just mad because they didn't have enough adventure in their lives!

houndstooth said...

Nibs, it's so good to hear from you, and I'm glad you're all doing well! Your mom's artwork is beautiful. Your adventure in the woods looks awesome!


Sue said...

So pleased to see you posting.

Love seeing the photos of the dogs together. Had to laugh at the tide line on Pixie:)

Fabby portraits.

gyeong said...

So great to see you back. What a great muddy adventure. Beautiful watercolors.