Monday, 23 April 2012

Hullo ladies and gentlemen, hounds and houndettes in blogland, today I met Clay in person! He is a very handsome chap, very happy and so playful! We did lots of waggy tails and sniffings and he did share my bed a little bit, I did like him lots! You just wouldn't ever guess that he is so poorly, but that is quite nice for him, I think- that he is so happy and bubbly, he just doesn't know he is ill, and so he is enjoying his life to the full, which is the best way to be!

His Mummie loved her painting, and she loved me! I did get lots of cuddles and I did give her special wuffly sniffs because I did think she was lovely too!

Here are myself and Clay! He has lost a lot of fur, and his ear fur has been clipped to match his coat, but is still a handsome lad :)

Last week Ambam celebrated her 2nd Gotcha day! She is my wonderful, beautiful, daft, playful sister and I love her dearly, Mummie and Daddie and the stinkykitties do love her many lots as well, Mummie says she is like the sunshine after a rainy spell, always warm, welcome, and loved!

So here is Ambam, in all her wonderful sillyness, cuteness and beautifulness!

I hope you all had a wonderful week, too!


Declan said...

Oooh I say Ambam; you're making me blush! Clay is a cute little fella, hope he gets better. Deccy x

What Remains Now said...

Is Ambam going to kill you for posting that first picture of her? I hope you got her permission. She has a sweet bald belly. Sending hugs to Clay.

gyeong said...

Bet Clay was happy to meet his donor angel. ETS and roaching. Ambam is a girl who knows how to relax.

Trina said...

Ambam is super cute..she knows how to relax for sure!!

Martin Schiele said...

Aww, poor Clay.

I hope that he does get well, he seems like a bit of a fighter from your description.

Sue said...

Loving the photos:)

I have given you a blog award. Check out my blog to collect it.

Hannah said...

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