Monday, 21 November 2011

Places we go!

Hello! Nibs here! I thought it would be nice to show you what we see on our walks! If anyone else wants to join in that would be lovely, and I'll link you here so we can go on a virtual tour of each others stomping grounds!
Ok, guys? Ready? Let's go! (The little guy is our short term lodger, Badger! His Mummie is on holiday so we get to have a sleepover!)

We live in Canterbury, which is a very pretty- and very small- city.

This well-known trendsetter from the middle ages wrote the ever-popular and really quite naughty 'Canterbury Tales'
'The names Chaucer. No you may not touch my pointy beard.'

We often walk past the 'Canterbury Tales' visitor place ( My Mummie says that the models would be too scary for me, so I've never been in! It has a really pretty outside though!
It's in an old church! It used to be St. Margarets church.

Me and Ambam like walking past here because right next door is a scrummy yummy fish and chip shop! We love the smell, and sometimes, only sometimes, if Daddie is with us he buys us a sausage to share!


We like it when Daddie comes on walks with us!

There's also the Cathedral itself. Because we live here we get a special card which means that we can walk through the Cathedral grounds. It is very pretty!

Here is the gate into the Cathedral, at the end of the side road-
(Thanks Google!)

We also walk past this place, not as pretty though!
It's the law courts, but there's lots of running space behind it by the barracks! Wheeee! Running is fun!
SO much running space! No roads! Wheeeee! (Thanks google)

We also walk through Westage Park, which is very pretty when the flowers are out.

And through Dane John Gardens, at the other end of the City, which is usually very busy. Mummie says we aren't allowed to drink from the fountain, Mummie is mean!

And one more pretty one! We look from the bridge over the river, rather than from this viewpoint- because hounds aren't allowed on the boats! It's not fair!

We live in such a nice place I wanted to share it with you!
(None of the photos, apart from the first one, are mine, thank you google images!)

Before I end this post, I want to give my dear friend Bella a shout out, Bella had a big operation today, she had a mass on her spleen, but thank goodness, it was just a haemotoma! Now she needs plenty of rest, relaxation and love! Bella's brother Sir Bruce of the Grey Table and myself were on standby for blood donating, if you are a hound who is eligible to give blood- do! It can save lives just like human blood donation does!

Get better soon, Princess Bella!


AlicetotheMoon said...

Wow!! You do live in a beautiful place. I live in a beautiful place too, but it's a different kind of beauty with a different kind of history, and it's in a totally different country which is a baby country compared to yours.

Thanks for sharing.

Get well soon Bella!!

Sue said...

Fab photos. Always nice to see where people live and walk their dogs.

Sending gentle hugs to Bella.

houndstooth said...

I love pretty places with a lot of history! Seeing where other dogs live is always so interesting, I guess because it's different from what I see every day. Thanks for sharing it with us!

I sure hope Bella is feeling better soon! I didn't know you were a hero blood donor, Nibs!


jet said...

what a pretty place! not sure if we can top that :)

Claire Krigbaum said...

What beautiful scenery!

24 Paws of Love said...

What a fabulous place! I can just imagine all of the history there. Love that castle.

What ya mean no drinking from the fountain?? Mean, mean mommy!! :)

Declan said...

You and the lovely Ambam certainly have some great places to walk mate! Hope Bella is ok too. Deccy x

gyeong said...

What a beautiful and historically rich place. My neighborhood is surrounded by Civil War battlefields, but that's mainly just trails with plaques every now and then. Sending best wishes to Bella for a quick recovery.