Thursday, 17 November 2011

My favourite things! (by Ambam)

Hello! I've taken a while to think really, specially hard about my very best most favourite things in the entire world! It was really hard because sometimes I don't know if something is my favourite thing ever or the worst thing ever! Like manuka honey, sometimes I LOVE IT and sometimes it is positively evil!
Here is Manuka honey being good, and then being bad. It also looks a little bit like melty humans.

So! Here are my favourite things!



Squeaky cat!
It squeaks! It crinkles! it's SQUISHY! It has a happy smile!

Mini Cow!

ONK-pig! (yes, Onk, not oink)
...well, it USED to Onk. But I deaded the noisemaker. I only wanted to hug him with my teeth a little bit...

I also love my bed! And mummie and daddies bed! I think the best thing EVER would be my bed, but the size of a humans bed! ... Oh, hang on... that has already happened, because their bed IS my bed!
See! MY BED!

I also love morning cuddles with Mummie. I like to snuggle up as close as possible and I fall asleep with Mummie cuddling me! Nero likes to sleep at the end of the bed so I have all the room I want. As long as Mummie moves over. And she does. Because I WRIGGLE!

Other favourite things!

My new collar! It hasn't arrived yet, but here it is, about to be posted to me!
The collar on the left is a present for my greyhound friend Sam, and the one on the right is for me!
They're both from Indi-dog, which is where Nibs collar is from as well!

I love my Aunty Julia's treats, AND her embroidered bandanas, they're the ones me and Nibs wear a lot! She does blankets as well, and wheat bags!
My favourite bandana, because I am a one-dog squirrel patrol!

I also LOVE my Aunty Julia Cuddles!

Love you, Aunty J!

And of course I can't forget my Uncle Stevie Cuddles!

And last of my favourite things from Aunty J, is her photography of me and Nibs! She really captures my beauty, and as a self-conscious hound of good standing in the doggy community, I do like looking good in my press-approved photo's, dontcha know!

Here's Aunty J on facebook-

I also LOVE these!

My very clever Aunty K and Aunty D make these! They are mummies to my brudder-from-anudder-mudder, Sir Jack of the Grey  Table!

I also am really looking forward to this!
By David! Who can be found here!

Lastly one of my favourite things, apart from when Daddie comes home and gives me hello hugs, or when Mummie makes dinner and it's the best thing ever, or when Aunty J brings me treats and I sit like a good girl... is the portrait my mummie painted of me-

This photo is from Mummies DA account, so excuse the watermark!

Ok, so there we go, some of my favourite things! I'm sure there are more, but trying to catch my favourite things in my head is like chasing rainbows! It is very difficult! So many things are lovely in the world!


AlicetotheMoon said...

well dun ambam. yoo aw so much lyke myself itz skawy! My favrit thingz iz the thing i've got wite now, wich at the moment iz my blanky fwum Bella's Embroidery. oh and chikin. i luvs chikin.

Hiking Hounds said...

Ambam, you have some great favorite things. I especially like your bandana and photos!

Declan said...

You are a girl with excellent taste Ambam :-) I particularly like your toys and your painting by Mummie is excellent.I'm also jealous of your new collar! Deccy x

jet said...

What a big smooch you are Ambam! Almost as much of a smooch as Bender :)

houndstooth said...

Ambam, my favorite is pink, too! You have a lovely list and I like it a lot. I think if you and I were to meet in real life, we'd hit it off instantly!


Sue said...

You sure have a lot of favourite things:)

I love Purple and Song's colour is Blue. Song also likes your stuffies.

gyeong said...

What a big list. You live quite the life! I'm jealous :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

You are quite the snuggle bear! I like purple too!

Claire Krigbaum said...

Made me smile! Those professional portraits of him are just gorgeous. And what a beautiful painting! I don't have a greyhound but I heart them from afar.