Friday, 2 March 2012

Run Free, Sam.

Sam- a dear friend and a brave, honourable hound, has gone to the bridge today.

He suffered cruelly at the hands of his first owners. He was beaten so badly that he had permanent brain damage, he was starved and terribly sad when his Mummie found him in the kennels, pining slowly away for over a year, looked over again and again for younger, fitter, healthier dogs.

But my Aunty D, who became his Mummie knew he needed love, and she was bursting with love and patience and kindness and acceptance, and so she took him home and never had a cross word for him when he howled in the night or had an accident in the house, because she loved him for all he was, and was determined to give him othing but comfort and kindness for the rest of his life.

Sam put on some weight, learned to LOVE sausages and a scratch behind the ears. He learned to wag his tail and to relax and accept all the love he was given, and he gave love back as well, he had SUCH a big heart.

He was a very well liked hound, there are a lot of very sad people here today, we all knew how special he was, he was a truly excellent hound.

Run free, Sam, with your nose to the wind and a wag in your tail, and your little friend Rosie looking for you over the bridge.


jet said...

RIP Sam. So glad you found a mum to love you and show you what life is really about.

Hiking Hounds said...

What a sweet boy, and Mum. Run free sweet Sam.

What Remains Now said...

Tears shed for the cruelty Sam had to endure early on, but so glad that he got to know love and soft hands in the end. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends who must work through the loss of this special hound. Rest in peace and love, dear Sam.

charlene and Storm said...

ahhhh what a lovely post, sam was so lucky to have a mummy like you and you were so lucky to have him too xxxxxxxx

Sue said...

How sad, but I am glad Sam got to know how life should be.

He'll have plenty of play mates at The Bridge.

gyeong said...

Sam, I'm glad you learned to love your Mummie and sausage after how your first family treated you.

Trina said...

RIP Sam. I am so glad you found a wonderful mom to show you all people aren't cruel. Hugs to you and his Mom.