Sunday, 11 December 2011

Visiting with Aunty Sally!

We went to visit human relations! We saw the small human again! And we got to play lots with Aunty Sally's lurchers- Wilbur and Lily- we had so much fun!

There aren't so many photo's in todays post, because my Mummie has to get the rest from Aunty Sally, as Mummie's phone decided to play dead over the weekend!

Wilbur, make sure your back end stays polite!

A few months ago Small-Blonde-Human came to stay with us for a whole week, she was really good at cuddles and hugs and being gentle, and when she left we really missed her. Then there she was at Aunty Sally's house! I was so excited I nearly wagged my tail off, and Ambam did her very best high-all-four-off-the-floor jumps to show how happy she was to see Small-Blonde-Human.

The humans did some visiting with a man they called Santa, and while they were there they saw some reindeer! We weren't allowed to go (boo, hiss!) but they brought the smells back with them. WOW, reindeers pong! I wuffled and snuffled and sniffed and licked and still couldn't get enough of their unusual smell.

The humans also brought back a tree. This was odd enough, but get this- then they put it INSIDE the house! And THEN...

They decorated it!

Humans are weird.

Also, word to the wise- you are NOT allowed to do any wee-wees on indoor trees. Trust me.

You are also not allowed to pull off of the tree any fuzzy wuzzy delicious looking furry toys like these;

Alright, that will have to be all for now, until Mummie sorts herself out and gets the rest of the photo's! Next update I will tell you all about the case of the mysterious invisible rabbit and the dreaded ear-bandage!


houndstooth said...

What excitement! I'll tell you a secret, though. Morgan, Blue and I went to see Santa last year and had our picture taken with him. He was scared to hold our leashes and when the pictures came back, Mom said it looked like he'd been on a bender! You might not have missed as much as you think!

Mom is all gooey over those ornaments! They're very cute! Where on Earth did you get them?


jet said...

Bender would be afraid of Reindeer. He is even scared of sheep! Imagine a big bully like him afraid of a few sheep.... when little Kelpie dogs half his size have to round up whole herds of them.....

Both Barbie and Bender love small humans, and Christmas is a time when they get to see the most of them!

What Remains Now said...

What an interesting and fun visit! It's always good to quickly understand the "don't pee-pee on the Christmas tree" rule. Well done. Boy oh boy, you have me completely intrigued about your next post...invisible rabbit & ear-bandage, what could it be? Waiting in anticipation.

Sue said...

Sounds like you had a fab visit.

Declan said...

Yeah indoor trees just ain't right are they?

Did the invisible rabbit bite your ear and then you had to have it bandaged? hmmmm... Deccy x