Thursday, 15 December 2011

I'm giving blood today!

Did you know a dog can give blood if over 25kg, healthy, free from disease, and vaccinated?

Did you know a blood donation can save a dogs life?

If you have a dog who could give blood, please let your vets know you are available to help, or get in touch with a blood bank near you!

This is the second time I'll be giving blood. The nurses say I'll be saving another dogs life, and that I'm a hero.

I like being a Hero. Hero's get treats!

Mummie let me on the sofa because I was going to give blood!

I'll let you know how it goes and what treats I'll be getting when I arrive back home!

Nibs the Hero!


Hello! Wow, it was so quick! I was only gone for a couple of hours! I've been spending most of the day laying on the couch and getting lots of cuddles!

The nurses came to pick me up because Mummie doesn't drive and it would have taken too long for her to walk round with me. I waited at the door with Mummie, it was nice to watch the people go by and sniff all the smells at the front of the house! When the nurses pulled up I did lots of tail wagging and prancing around because I LOVE nurses! They give the best cuddles and treats! I got in the car like a good boy and got a big hug all the way to the vets.

They didn't have to anaesthetise me, because I am such a brave boy, I let them take blood from my foreleg and from my neck. I only made a noise when they were done- I did all my ROOOOOOOOOOOOOs in the kennel to let them know I wanted more treats!

When they dropped me off home they told my Mummie how good I was and I got extra goodbye cuddles, because I am very easy to love and they said they will miss me, and to come in soon to visit!

But the nicest thing was that Mummie gave me a special middle-of-the-day meal! I was so excited I nearly wagged my tail off! Dinner! In the DAYTIME! Not morning dinner or evening dinner, but MIDDLE of the DAY dinner!


I know! I couldn't believe it either!

And the lovely nurses did give me lots of presents to say thank you, and a card as well saying that I saved another dogs life, and Merry Christmas. I got all of the presents in the picture, as well as a special package from my aunty Nikki, who sent us cards and knitted me and Ambam glittery Snoods and sent us Christmas presents! She also made Mummie a beautiful chunky purple bag, because Mummie is painting her hound, Ebony. Aren't they beautiful?
top half; cards and presents for giving blood. Botttom half; presents from Aunty Nikki.

Here is Aunty Nikki's site;

Here is Ambam wearing her snood, only she wanted to use her 'comedy ear' pose!

And that is my tale of giving blood! It was pretty painless and I got lots of fuss and treats for it!


What Remains Now said...

Good job, Nibs! You are a hero! Casper and Freedom give blood too. Freedom's blood is no good to anyone but her.

Declan said...

Well done mate! I'll tell Mum to mention it to the V-E-T, though she's hoping we don't have to go there again for a while! Deccy x

gyeong said...

You should get lots and lots of treats to help replenish your blood supply. Laying on the couch helps too.

Sue said...

Way to go Nibs. You are a real hero.

Spice said...

My mummy wanted me to give blood but I am not heavy enough. She did feed me extra food but I just went to the toilet more. I think it is a very special and brave thing you have done. I will just have to stick to my PAT visits and meet and greets, big hugs to you.x

jet said...

you are very brave, Nibs! our greyhound adoption group is always encouraging our greyhounds to give blood because apparently greyhounds are 'universal donors' so their blood can be given to any dog - dogs have more blood types than humans too, so finding a match can be harder... but having universal donors can make things easier! I think they also like greyhounds because they stay still while they take their blood.... and they have more blood than the average doggie :)

anyway I haven't been brave enough to take Barbie!

houndstooth said...

Nibs, you were fantastically brave! I am completely impressed. I think my favorite part was all the gifts. You got some seriously great loot there!


24 Paws of Love said...

You are a very brave dog, Nibs! Sounds like you were a good boy as well. So COOL!! You are our hero for the day!

Looks like you made out pretty good yourself...a meal in the middle of the day!! That is something special. Just like you!!