Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bits and Bobs

It's raining. Mummie wants us to go out and it's raining. Is she mad? Yes, she is mad.

We have been decorating Christmas cards, Mummie says that Ambam is a natural but I am slapdash- how rude!

We found out that our short-term lodger, the little terror-dog, has a grade 3 heart murmer, which is not what we wanted to hear, but he is otherwise in very, very good health, so the vet doesn't think it will affect him very much and that his mummie will have to just keep an eye out for any side effects. It's not good that he has a murmer, but it is good that he is otherwise very healthy- a very mixed vet-visit.
Here is the little man himself, Badger!

Our new vet said that I was in beautiful condition and the nurse did give me secret cuddles, and that made me very happy! Ambam was too busy hiding behind Mummie to come out for secret cuddles while Mummie was at the til- so she didn't get any. But what we DID get...

It goes blrrrt! blrrrt! Me and Ambam can both play with it and go 'grr, grr' wag-wag!

Mummie also got out her needle and thread and fixed our other stuffies. I might not have any teeth, but Ambam has sharp teeth, and she is Little Miss Destructor when she wants to be!

We also have a new bit of apparel in the house, and I must say, I think I look rather dapper in it;
And Ambam looks very pretty!
Heehee! It's actually for Daddie to wear, really! Maybe we can borrow it for pictures now and then, please, Daddie?

Lastly, Sue, over at Graceful greyhounds ( had a link to Suzy's Sanctuary, a blog I hadn't come accross before- it looks like a lovely place, but more importantly, they have had some terribly devastating news about their greyhound, Jim, it would be nice if people could send them some love and hugs at this difficult time. 


Declan said...

Oh you do look dapper Nibs & as ever Ambam is dazzling! Like the new stuffie too - very cool. By the way mate, did you ever get my email about your family tree? No worries either way! Deccy x

jet said...

ah, Bender is the one who wrecks stuffies in this house! also, Barbie says that she doesn't mind going out in the rain anymore, going out is the most important part of the day!

houndstooth said...

That necktie looks so dapper on you, Nibs! You'll be on the cover of GQ in no time!

The new stuffie looks like a lot of fun! They always fuss over me at the vet's office, too, and I really like that about them!


gyeong said...

At first, I thought it was earmuffs, but definitely makes more sense as a tug toy. Stanley has a green bow tie he wears for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Bow ties just scream dapper.

Sue said...

Badger looks a real little cutie. My JR had a heart murmur, but it didn't stop her enjoying life.

Song loves your new stuffie.

Nibs, You do look dapper and Amban looks lovely in her ribbon.

Thanks for putting about Jim over at Suzyssanctuary. They need all the love and hugs at the moment.