Friday, 23 December 2011


Firstly, please look over there ---------> at the top of our widgets and pictures and odds and ends is the widget to donate towards the Houston Pittie Pack who suffered a devastating fire last week. Please help if you can.

Secondly- OUCH!

I got to really work out my lungs and beautiful rooing voice yesterday with a wonderful Greyhound Scream. Those with greys will know what I mean. I really went for it. I brought out into the garden; GrannyNanny and Daddie and Mummie and Daddies twolegger brother and sister!

Ambam had been doing madcrazy zoomies and had run-


Right into my shoulder! OWowow ooowwwwwwww owowowowowow!

Mummie did massage it and flex my joints and it's luckily just a big old bruise, but wow! It really hurt! This morning Daddie had to help me downstairs, as in our rickety old house the stairs are very steep and you need perfect legs to go up and down safely.

I still have a bit of a limp

But I'm a big brave hound, and NOTHING could keep me from my true love...
Oh! And completely out of the blue, while I was in the middle of this blog post, a man from the paper came round to ask about my giving blood! I hope we help spread the word about it!

I've never been in the paper before!


Declan said...

Oh you poor old sausage, mate! I think you should find if Mummie kisses your shoulder constantly it will be fine in a day or two.. Deccy x

Sue said...

So glad there wasn't any serious injury to either of you.

Hope the paper runs a good article and puts your handsome photo in it.

Have a fabby Christmas.

gyeong said...

Eat your way thru the injury. Good plan. I hear lots of extra treats help too. Looking forward to seeing the article on the blog.

What Remains Now said...

So glad you're okay. Sounds like you have a good recovery plan in place. Featured in the paper! Can't wait to hear all about that.

Hiking Hounds said...

Oh, ouch for sure! I hope it's feeling better. I bet some more massage would help. :-)

houndstooth said...

Major ouch! If you play your cards right, limping at the right moment and looking pathetic, you can ride this wave for a long time, too. I hope you get to have a lot of publicity in the paper, too!

Merry Christmas!