Saturday, 12 January 2013

Missy is safe and sound, and we won a Tuggitz!

Firstly, Miss Missy who was stopping with us has found her extra-special breed-specific rescue space! She will be found the very, very best home! Mummie says we couldn't foster her all alone because a rescue group can look after their dogs vet bills and we wouldn't have been able to afford to do that for Missy if she needed it, so we are happy being a stepping stone instead *nods*

Luck and love and happiness go with you, Missy Moo!

Now! We won a competition! We did win a tuggitz! It does come from here:

What's in the bag, Pixie?

Ooooooh! A new toy! And it's within the visible colour range for dogs, yay! It's very tightly made with well-formed knots, I think e would have to work VERY hard to break it, but we will give it our very best shot!

And a Christmas card! Thank you very much!

Daddie found out if you hold it like this and pull...

It's really, really stretchy!!!! I do love wriggly, colourful, springy toys! Ambam does as well, you can see she couldn't resist any more!

Ambam and Pix gave it the first tug game, Pix keeps forgetting she is a teeny tiny dog!

Not to worry though, I did get a go afterwards- Om nom nom nom nom! Nice and gentle on my gums.

Oh dear, I don't think the video came out very well- can you see it stre-e-e-eching?

Enough photo's, Mummie! Let us play with it MORE!

Pixie does love her new toy, even if she does have to share it!

So we are very much grateful and happy, thank you very much for picking Mummie's name out of the competition bag Mrs Wendy lovely-lady who does make the tuggitz! We does like independent businesses, Daddie says he knows how hard being self-employed can be!

Anywho, thank you lots to my friends for reading my special tuggitz review! I do have LOTS of photo's to share with you all next time I post, we have been on many lots of brilliant walks AND Ambam has been a real life collar model! Wowzer! My very own stinky sister being a model, who knew!?

Love and health to you all!

eggs eggs eggs, X X X,


What Remains Now said...

I hope Missy gets her forever home real soon. What a sweetie. That Tuggitz toy looks awesome! It looks like it can take a lot of play.

Sue said...

You are lucky to get such a fab toy.

I use to have a JR and they sure are big dogs, in little bodies:)

Hope Missy is soon in her forever home.

gyeong said...

Missy's so cute, I'm sure she'll be scooped up soon. What a cool toy. Always good to support the local and independent businesses. Looking forward to seeing Ambam's modeling pics.