Sunday, 13 January 2013

A walk on the Isle of Sheppey

Hullo everybody! I did say we had manylots of photo's to share with you and we do! We did go to Auntie J's house where my brilliant brother-from-another-(breed-of)-mother Brucie lives! And Bella, and Alfie... and Dennis... and Amy. It is a very full house! Full of love!

We did go on a walk in the middle of nowhere! It was brilliant! Ambam was wearing her beautiful new collar that she was modelling and Auntie J (who is a very good photographer) did take lovely photo's of Ambam and the pretty collar ^.^

So! Here we go! (photographs by J.Sargeant)

Pixie! I think she needs a theme tune, she runs like a rabbit, all bounces and leg-kicks!

A bevvy of bottoms!

Ambam being a model for her beautiful new collar!

Princess Bella, Saluki cross,13 years old, tough old madam in charge of everyone!

See! She is leading the troops! Also spot the odd one out!

Amy the deerhound cross in a gorgeous sunset picture

My own handsome self!

Making sure Aunty J is capturing my handsomeness.

Walking with Bella- because a gentleman always accompanies a lady of her standing when out and about.

Ambam and Madthing Amy mucking about

Looking out over the island while having a rest

Bella and shortstuff Pixie

Looking into the sunset

Bella the beautiful.

sighthound, sighthound, sighthound, sighthound, ratdog!

Looking all angsty in a small clump of shrubs. I am a brilliant model myself!

Ooooh! Aren't I handsome!

Another lovely wintery shot of Amy

And the only photo my Mummie took- the sunset as we were heading home, what a wonderful sky!

Thank you for looking, I hope you enjoyed seeing our walk, it would be lovely to see some of yours! Take care everyone!

eggs eggs eggs

Just a quick note:
Ambams collar is from Indi-Dog
My lovely collar is from Tilly Mint


jet said...

Can't get past that tongue shot Nibs. I don't think Barbie's gets that big!

What Remains Now said...

What a beautiful series of photos. I LOVE Bella's outfit. Not only are you a lovely group in your own right, you have lovely fashion and accessories.

gyeong said...

A most lovely place for a walk. A great group. And you're such a gentleman.

Sue said...

Really fab photos. Loving the collars.

Pixie makes me smile, as she reminds me of Poppy the JR I had.

Chelynnah / Tuggitz! said...

Love love love the photo of 'sighthound, sighthound, sighthound, rat dog'.

We are loving your blog. You are our kind of peoples and doggies <3