Thursday, 29 September 2011

Here we are then!

Hello there! I suppose the first thing you do when you start a blog is introduce yourself! Well, we are four in number, two hounds and two cats.
We are;

Nibs, an ex-racing greyhound, toothless and lazy

Ambam, a lurcher, excitable and loving

Tig, a black and white cat, quiet and peaceful

And Dallie, an honorary brindle ('tabby' pffft!) cat, playful and vocal

And that's us! We live with Mummie and Daddie, our human servants, and we like to keep them on their toes! The cats like to think that they are in charge, and we humour them because otherwise they whinge. We are all rescue pets, and we think everyone looking for a new companion should visit their local shelter before looking at breeders- you might find your best friend there!

Ok, that's it for today. I will share some of my excellent and groundbreaking crayon- based doodles next time. As I have to use my paws for typing and drawing I really think I do quite well. Ambam thinks I have a big head. I don't. She smells of cat anyway!

OK, bye!

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Anonymous said...

You are all so pretty!